Multiple Salvador crosscuts for DWB

DWB Timber Engineering is a national group with facilities across the UK, including designated design and fabrication plants. Founded in 1986, the group has built an enviable reputation for producing high quality roof trusses. A year on from investing in a Salvador SuperPush 200 automatic crosscut saw from sole UK suppliers Daltons Wadkin, the team visited Phil Daniels and his staff at their East Yorkshire premises.

Many businesses in the construction and industrial sectors have adapted to keep up with the unprecedented demand bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) recently reported a 13-year high for timber imports in November 2020, reaching a volume of 1.08 million m3.

DWB had already highlighted the need to replace slow and aged machinery with a cutting-edge ‘smart’ solution to streamline production, and industry experts Daltons Wadkin were able to offer COVID-safe demonstrations and advice. For DWB, speed, accuracy, safety and saving waste were top of the list when it came to looking for a new crosscut saw. Luke Laybourne, DWB's seasoned crosscut operator of 17 years, explained that the old kit was just too slow: “David Bell and Phil Daniels went down to see an existing Salvador customer and straight away, they knew the SuperPush 200 was the saw for us.”


Salvador SuperPush 200 automatic crosscut saw

With the Salvador SuperPush 200, speed and accuracy is ensured with a heavy-duty infeed table, angled at 30° to keep the working material continually squared against the rear fence. The high-speed pusher can operate at up to 60m/min and is regulated within each cutting list. Luke enthused: “Where a job used to take four days, we can now do it in two. I’d say we’re cutting over 100% more.” The entire saw and pusher infeed are one single piece, resulting in an impressive accuracy of up to +/- 0.1mm.

Luke explained how the Salvador’s optimising algorithm "makes the job a lot easier," by working out the best yield from your timber, which results in minimum wastage. For DWB, the Salvador has reduced waste from 800mm a block down to just 50mm. Luke continues: “We’ve got someone who comes in for firewood and he commented that now we've got the SuperPush, he's not getting any of our waste – we always make a joke about it!”

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the new saw for Luke, however, is the enhanced safety and ease of use for the operator: “Your hands are nowhere near the blade, and not once have I ever felt unsafe,” he explains. The DWB team are already looking to streamline their other plants, starting with the Anglia branch, with their staff visiting Luke for a demonstration of the Salvador. “They felt like they picked it up straight away, and that's just with me explaining the basics. I gave them my honest opinion of the saw, and the answer was 'yes'.”

For DWB Timber Engineering, the future looks exciting, and a forward-thinking approach has proven successful, leading to a 100% increase in production. Daltons Wadkin look forward to a long working relationship with DWB as they continue to innovate their nationwide facilities with smart machinery.

For further information on automatic machinery from Daltons Wadkin, including the Salvador range, visit the website – – contact one of their experts on 0115 986 5201, or email [email protected].

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