AXYZ router & WARDJET Waterjet expo event – 14 June 2023

Experience the future of cutting and routing systems at the AXYZ Router and WARDJet Waterjet Expo Event, which takes place on Wednesday 14 June in Telford. The leading company in cutting and routing systems is excited to showcase its machinery portfolio, and the day will be packed with live demonstrations and training on CNC router and Waterjet applications.

Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the demonstration areas and witness these incredible machines in action. Each system will run various materials and applications in a bid to provide visitors with the broadest experience to showcase the product range's versatility. The event will be staffed by experienced Applications and Product Experts who'll train attendees in best practices as well as answering all CNC questions.

Attendees will also have the chance to see router systems such as AXYZ Infinite, Trident, METALWORKER and Innovator, along with the X-Series Waterjet with the Apex 60 5-axis head and the A-Series small format Waterjet. With such a wide range of machines, there's sure to be something to suit everyone's needs.

Interested parties will also be introduced to AAG's industry-leading control interface, MOVE™, which drives all machine tasks and is designed to optimise operation of the CNC machine. MOVE™ makes machine operation easy and intuitive, allowing users to perform tool changes, set up work offsets, call up new files, or optimise cutting speed.

In addition, the event will feature AAG's industry partner Cadline, which produces Autodesk Fusion 360, a fully integrated CAD/CAM software that helps users produce high-quality CNC machined parts and achieve the most from their CNC machines. Providing advanced manufacturing functionality for 3-5 axis toolpath strategies, toolpath optimisation and process automation, Cadline is sure to be a hit with visitors.

Join the team for lunch, walk around all of the systems and see their capabilities for yourself. There'll be a wide variety of materials on-site, and experts will be on hand to answer all questions. The organisers look forward to hosting visitors at this exciting upcoming event.

Register your interest now by clicking here or call 01952 291 600.


Telford 54 Business Park
Nedge Hill

Wednesday 14 June 2023 – 10am-3pm

Telford 54 Business Park, Nedge Hill
01952 291 600