Classical machines from Hoffmann

Hoffmann Machine Company was founded in 1990 by Dr Walter Hoffmann and his two sons, Thomas and Martin. Initially, the early days were very hand to mouth and the pair began by designing and building machines in their father’s garage. Each sale allowed them to buy more parts and to build the next machine. As demand steadily increased, they moved to some sheds located in their grandma’s garden, eventually leading to the company’s current location, with their head office in Bruchsal, Germany.

Many of the original staff are still with the company, and today they design and manufacture routing machines (MU range); double mitre saws (MS range); specialist tooling; as well as custom-made machinery. These machines are built on site in Bruchsal and delivered all around the world, in close co-operation with the customer to ensure quality and performance. Modern technology and new manufacturing methods have raised woodworking machinery user’s expectations. In a competitive market, they demand high performance from quality machines, which is why Hoffmann use only the very best, state-of-the art components in all they do.

“Our machines are built to the highest standards, utilising leading-edge technology that’s driven by the needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we seek to provide the best in quality, delivery and after sales service,” says Managing Director, Thomas Hoffmann.

The Hoffmann Key
Shortly after founding the company, and after several years of development work by Thomas and Martin while working abroad in the United States, an event took place with far-reaching implications, resulting in development of the ‘Hoffmann-Schwalbe’, or Hoffmann Dovetail Key. Designs and tests were carried out on numerous, sometimes even extreme, applications. The result is a moulded four-dimensional key in a double dovetail shape with obliquely converging ribbed inner surfaces, which is able to draw together two workpieces in a stable and permanent joint. The Hoffmann Key would go on to change the company’s business activities forever.

“The joining of workpieces and components of all kinds, by our customers, is now a core part of the business. For this we offer a wide range of Hoffmann Keys and other related jointing systems with extensive processing techniques for both large- and small-scale operations. To an expert, the advantages of this unique joining system are obvious: uncomplicated, durable, efficient and economical,” continues Thomas Hoffmann.


MU dovetail router
Hoffmann’s Hero Product is the MU Dovetail Router, which is now in its MU-3 incarnation. Dovetail keyways are routed into all mating parts and the frames are assembled by applying glue and inserting Hoffmann Dovetail Keys. These Keys draw the parts together to form a tight, secure and permanent joint. No large clamping tables or bar clamps are required and the frames can be finished immediately upon assembly. All dovetail routing machines can process regular mitre and butt joints. This thoroughly revised machine has been reworked, updated and adapted to suit the industry’s current and future needs, with many new additional features.

Ergonomic, user-friendly as well as up-to-date, the new MU-3 is available in four versions:

MU-3Basic version – for the quick and precise routing of dovetail slots.

MU-3 DDigital version – with electronic two-axis display for adjustable routing depth as well as positioning of the centre fence for the routed slot location. Ideal for high precision work.

MU-3 PPneumatic version – for series production and high throughput; pneumatic workpiece clamping and controlled router feed. The MU-3 P is operated by foot-pedal control.

MU-3 PDPneumatic/Digital version – the top spec machine with the highest operating comfort for a wide range of requirements. Functional features are similar to those on the MU-3 P, but with a digital two-axis display for the adjustable routing depth as well as positioning of the centre fence for the routed slot location.

Hoffmann timeline

1990 – Company initially established
1991 – Awarded Dr Eberle prize for outstanding technical achievement
1992 – Development of the Hoffmann Dovetail Key
1995 – Awarded Bavarian State prize for the Double Mitre Saw MS35
1995 – Martin Hoffmann establishes Hoffmann Machine Co Ltd in the USA
1996 – John Galvin establishes Hoffmann Machine Co Ltd in the UK
1996 – Production of the new Blue/Grey MU-2 machines begins in February
2004 – Intensification of new ‘special machines’ product range
2017 – Introduction of new generation MU-3/MU 3-P keyway routing machines
2018 – Introduction of new W-0 – the smallest Hoffmann Key – and CBM End Profiling Machine

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