Covers Timber invest in Salvador crosscut technology from Daltons Wadkin

Covers’ Product Manager, Peter Openshaw

The installation of a Salvador SuperPush 250 chain-fed automatic crosscut saw has allowed Covers Timber and Building Merchants to keep pace with increasing production demands and provide flexibility in staffing within their feeder mills.


The Salvador SuperPush 250 is equipped with chain infeed loading

Having supplied timber and building materials across the South East for over 175 years, Covers now boasts some 15 branches with an extensive range of over 25,000 product lines. Wishing to satisfy growing customer demand, Product Manager Peter Openshaw saw an opportunity to help push themselves ahead of the competition, as he explains: “We’re fortunate to have highly-skilled sales people, excellent production capabilities, and a very positive attitude in terms of being open to new opportunities. Our ability to source most things and improvise and adapt to reflect our changing market helps us to achieve strong performance results. We face increasing competition from our rivals, which encourages us to try even harder.”


Intuitive operator control

Salvador SuperPush 250
Following a thorough investigation of available crosscut saws on the market, Peter contacted Daltons Wadkin – sole distributors for Salvador in the UK and Ireland. “Peter’s requirements were very familiar – we’ve helped dozens of timber merchants with similar projects and I instantly knew we had the right solution,” enthuses Daltons Wadkin Sales Director, Andy Walsh. “For high production crosscutting, the Salvador SuperPush range is ideal: automatic push infeed, cutting list optimisation, heavy-duty construction, coupled with ease of use.”


Salvador SuperPush 250 automatic crosscut saw

The Salvador SuperPush 250 is a programmable crosscut capable of processing up to 130m3 of timber per shift. A total of seven infeed loading chains ensure the machine is continually fed with individual or stacked workpieces while the outfeed collection area is automatically cleared for uninterrupted production.

Flexibility, positive growth & reduced labour
Covers’ investment in a Salvador has led to increased flexibility in staffing, which in turn has positively affected growth. Peter is keen to point out the benefits from a production point of view, as he explains: “Automatic machinery cuts down on the labour required to carry out particular jobs. Recently, we’ve found it difficult to recruit and anything that reduces the need for labour helps with this problem.”


Automatic outfeed collection allows for uninterrupted machine operation

Turnkey delivery and commissioning was provided for Covers and expertly managed by the Daltons Wadkin project installation team. “We have a dedicated group of engineers within our service department whose sole focus is on delivering a frictionless installation and dedicated ongoing support when required,” comments Andy. “We go to extreme lengths to ensure all our customers receive the best possible service for the life of the machine.”

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