Deventer weatherseal from Coastal Group: A 'game changer' for your joinery process

In busy workshops and building sites, it’s seemingly impossible to keep your weatherseal free of dust and dirt, resulting in time-consuming cleaning following the joinery process and installation. Having listened to feedback from valued customers, Coastal Group claims its latest innovation keeps weatherseal looking as good-as-new throughout the entire process.

“Hearing our customers' frustration with having to spend significant time cleaning down seals before delivering the finished product, our newest offering is designed to protect weatherseal from picking up dust, dirt and paint during machining in the workshop and installation on site, thus saving considerable time and expense," says Coastal Group's Head of Sales, Adrian Welch.

Coastal worked with Deventer to offer the popular SPV124 Weatherseal, with the addition of a protective film layer over the seal. This innovation is unique to the Deventer SPV124, which is available exclusively from Coastal in 12, 15, 18 and 19mm rebate sizes and a range of colours.


“The new innovation allows customers to remove the film covering, revealing good-as-new weatherseal once their joinery project is complete, just like protective film on PVC and aluminium frames,” comments Managing Director, Loren Jenner. “It’s so fast and easy; joinery can even be delivered with the film still in place and simply removed by the builder or client once installation and construction work is complete.”

Coastal outlines another key benefit of the latest innovation - the red film makes it easy for joiners to mark with a pen when cutting for length, and once the project is complete, these markings can be simply removed along with the film.

As main UK distributors of Deventer, Coastal Group has a large stockholding of this high quality weatherseal with quick delivery times. Coastal believes Deventer’s unique offering delivers a number of key performance benefits against other seals on the market, including:

Quick and easy to – with no ripples.

Extremely low compression – for soft closing, thus reducing pressure on the hardware.

Doesn't absorb water – helps prevent timber from rotting.

Superior protection from wind, water and noise – enhances your doors and windows' acoustic and thermal properties.

Cradle to Cradle certified weatherseal – for a more sustainable solution.


According to Coastal, there's no additional cost for the protective film layer that's added to the SPV124 range, which has prompted some extremely positive feedback from customers, with one such bespoke quality joinery company commenting that: "The protective film has allowed us to finish our windows in a much cleaner and easier way – it's been a complete game changer for our joinery process.”

If you want to see how much quicker and easier this innovative solution could make your joinery process, request a free SPV124 sample pack today by emailing [email protected] or calling 01726 871 025. For further information, see

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