More power from Mirka® as new tools debut at Materials and Finishes Show

Mirka® DEOS II 353 orbital sander

The upcoming Materials and Finishes show will mark the UK show debut of the new Mirka® DEROS II and Mirka® DEOS II with live demonstrations on stand F58.

These new sanders provide the user with up to 20% more power to handle the demands of a multitude of applications while ensuring a consistent high-quality finish, which has become the hallmark of DEROS and DEOS tool lines.


Mirka® DEROS II 150mm random orbital sander

The Mirka® DEROS II and Mirka® DEOS II are powered by an upgraded electric motor, which delivers more sanding power to make light work of demanding jobs and heavy applications. They also feature a new visible LED speed indicator, making it even easier for the operator to adjust sanding speed.

Robotic sanding heads

The new tools will be supported by Mirka®’s robotic sanding heads – spearheaded by the Mirka® AIOS 353CV – which has been engineered for robotic applications to ensure consistent quality. In addition, the rectangular design makes it suitable for industrial processes such as Shaker door manufacturing, where a rectangular sanding solution is required to reach door edges, along with a high quality finish.


Mirka®’s range of robotic sanding heads

The robotic range’s breadth ensures users have access to the right tool for the job at hand and the tool’s precision helps to drive up productivity as well as finish quality. The compact design makes the heads ideal for confined spaces, detail work and sanding small areas. In addition, tools can be fitted to low payload robot arms and are supplied with a standardised ISO 9409-1-80-6-M8 flange, which can also be customised with an adaptor. Furthermore, the robotic sanding heads can be adapted to work with Universal Robots collaborative solutions using a special UR installation kit, which includes the Mirka® tool, motor drive cabinet, cabling, and the required UR adaptor flange.

Ultimax® Ligno

Alongside tools, the abrasives will be led by Ultimax® Ligno – the new offering designed specifically for wood sanding applications – which combines innovation and robust consideration for the environment. The production method reduces energy consumption as the process for curing the glue is more efficient. It also has superior adhesion with VOC-free resin, ensuring a safer and healthier choice for both users and the environment.


Mirka® Ultimax® Ligno abrasive

With its ceramic mixed with Blue Fired Alox grains, the abrasive’s surface channels serve as pathways to direct the smooth movement of wood fibres to extraction holes, preventing clogging and enhancing sanding quality. It accelerates sanding operations by maintaining the cleanliness of abrasive grains for uninterrupted cutting and prevents the formation of a ‘blanket’ of dust between grains and sanded surface.

It also uses a specially developed latex-impregnated paper to improve flexibility, adhesion and to control edgewear, thus extending lifespan. The abrasive features a Multifit™ hole pattern, which eliminates the need for precise alignment, as it’s always correctly fitted to match the dust extraction holes.

Wide belt product portfolio

Mirka®’s wide belt experts will also be on hand to discuss the product portfolio’s breadth, which will be spearheaded by the innovative Ultimax® range. Ultimax® has been designed for sanding and finishing veneers and hardwood surfaces, such as oak and beech, and its Selective Coating™ Technology creates a higher specific sanding pressure for faster stock removal, increased performance and with no deterioration in finish. In addition, the combination of this innovative technology and special abrasive grains increases product lifespan and reduces materials per job.

Neil Newbrook, Business Sector Manager – Wood, Mirka UK, says: “This show brings together a wide-ranging audience under one roof, so it’s the perfect event for debuting our new tools. The DEROS II and DEOS II are the latest evolution of Mirka® tools, which have been designed from the ground up with the user in mind. Our team is looking forward to running tool demos throughout the show, providing us with a great platform from which to discuss their many benefits.”

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