New cantilever racking system for Brentjens

Dutch timber and building goods retailer Brentjens has significantly expanded the storage capacities of its Haelen collection centre with cantilever racks from Ohra totalling a length of 186m. Ohra also supplied a 3m deep ‘pigeonhole’ rack with compartment dividers into which rods and wooden strips can be ‘inserted’ as a special construction. This allows customers standing in front of the rack to immediately see the cross-section of stored goods.

High load capacity for plates & long goods The newly installed cantilever racks have allowed Brentjens to gain a lot more space for storing panels and long goods. The 6m high racks offer six storage levels and each of the 1.2m deep cantilever arms can carry up to 755kg. All rack components are painted in the desired ‘light grey’ (RAL 7035) and therefore effortlessly fit into Brentjens’ overall colour scheme.


Double depth rack with compartments for strips & slats
For storing and presenting large numbers of different strips, battens and construction timbers for the customer in a clear manner, Brentjens added a 12m wide ‘pigeonhole rack’ to the cantilever racks: two pallet racks, almost 2.6m tall, connected one behind the other. Both frames, each 1m deep, are interconnected by a 1m long spacer, to create a double depth rack with 3m deep compartment.

To obtain a continuous storage area, Ohra installed chipboard flooring in the storage levels, divided by 18mm chipboard installed by Brentjens. This creates compartments of different widths into which strips and slats can simply be pushed lengthways. Each compartment houses one material type, allowing the customer to see the different cross-sections and quickly access the desired goods. The top of the rack is also classically used as a pallet rack and offers additional storage space for a wide range of materials.

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