New SCM subsidiary in Slovenia

The new SCM subsidiary, based in Trzin, near Ljubljana, in Slovenia, was opened in January 2024

The launch of SCM’s new subsidiary is aimed at providing a direct, punctual and highly specialised sales and service support to woodworking businesses in Slovenia and Serbia. The SCM team will also work alongside dealers in Croatia and Bosnia, acting as a benchmark for the entire Balkans area.

SCM continues to make investments, which guarantee a capillary and direct presence in the most strategic international markets. This mission was met with the opening of a new SCM subsidiary in January 2024, based in Trzin, near Ljubljana, in Slovenia. It’s being opened to directly follow clients in both the Slovenian and Serbian markets, preserving their local characteristics and identities. In addition, it’ll work alongside and provide even more efficient support to those dealers already operating in Croatia and Bosnia.

SCM’s first subsidiary in the Balkans, the Slovenian branch will become a benchmark for the entire region where, for a number of years, the wood-furnishing industry has recorded an increasingly positive trend, including businesses that are ever-more technologically advanced.

The facility will have an exclusive 1,500sq.m Technology Center, offering a wide range of the latest SCM innovations, with machinery and services strongly in line with this market’s production requirements.


Lorenzo Trolese, SCM Country Manager for the Balkans area

Highly specialised team

SCM will also be able to rely on a team of technicians and sales engineers, all of whom are highly specialised in all secondary wood processing application fields: from the joinery workshop to large furniture industries, right up to windows and doors and timber construction, which is recording strong and continuous growth throughout the region.

Being able to interact directly with the SCM team also means taking a closer look at, and selecting from, an exclusive offer of technologies and software, which represents the widest range of wood processing solutions internationally.

There are also considerable advantages for customer care: the client can take advantage of more punctual after-sales support, in terms of both technical maintenance and management of spare parts, as well as having rapid access to the numerous digital services facilitated by SCM’s IoT platform, Maestro connect, for ever more efficient proactive and predictive assistance.

“With the opening of this new branch, industry businesses will benefit from an all-round commercial and technical partnership,” says Lorenzo Trolese, SCM Country Manager for the Balkans area. “Our team will continue to grow, even in the coming months, with the addition of new sales and services resources, providing clients with all the support, consulting and training needed to optimise production processes. This represents a huge leap in quality for this market, as it can continue along a direct line with an ever more efficient and direct service, from pre- to post-sales.”

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