Salvador boosts customer performance across UK & Ireland

Daltons Wadkin are helping manufacturers across the UK and Ireland increase productivity through the supply and installation of Salvador crosscutting systems. Despite the obvious challenges of 2020, sales of Salvador crosscutting solutions have seen exponential growth over the past 12 months, a trend that looks set to continue into 2021. Increased sales to producers of garden furniture, studios, sheds, timber-framed buildings, fencing, joinery, pallets and cases have been fuelled by a need to meet soaring demand, boost capacity and take control of manufacturing in-house.

All timber processors should be aware of the countless benefits a Salvador automatic crosscut saw can bring to their production. The SuperPush 200, SuperPush 250 and SuperAngle 600 all share the same key attributes.


SuperPush 250 automatic crosscut saw

Optimising: reduce waste; increase yield
Salvador automatic saws benefit from full PC control. Running powerful optimising software, cutting lists are continually analysed to give maximum material yield for each individual length of timber cut. Residual offcuts can then be ‘shattered’ for secondary processing and removed from the production line through an optional waste trap door.

Defecting: grade & remove
Operators can decide which parts of a timber length are acceptable and which are not. Using a fluorescent pen, operators mark knots and shakes that don’t meet production standards. The Salvador analyses these defects in conjunction with the cutting list to optimise the length accordingly. In a similar method, entire lengths of timber can be graded from 1 to 5 with each grade having its own separate cutting list.


Multiple angle cutting on a SuperAngle 600

Reduce labour, reduce costs
The work of four or five operators using manual saws can be handled by a single Salvador crosscut. Customers upgrading from other models of automatic saw can also expect a performance boost. A host of optional infeed and outfeed features further increase throughput: chain infeed, increase pusher speed, automatic outfeed collection, outfeed length selectors and label or inkjet printing.

Accuracy & versatility
Whether straight or angled cutting, a Salvador will meet the strictest of tolerances. Standard machines deliver cut lengths to within +/- 0.5mm. Not good enough? The optional magnetic strip system increases accuracy to +/-0.1mm. When angle cutting, rotation of the blade between +/- 70° is made in under a second to a precision of +/- 0.1° special angle parameters are available as an option.


SuperAngle 600 with chain infeed

Software integration
Salvador has the power to adapt to your preference. Cutting lists can be programmed directly at the machine or remotely from any office-based PC using a familiar Excel spreadsheet. The data is then transferred via USB drive or standard wired/wireless network connection. For timber-frame manufacturers, the Salvador can be integrated into existing software production management systems such as Consultec, hsbcad, Wolf Systems, etc.


Straight cutting on the SuperPush 200

Service: installation, training & support
Over the past 120 years, Daltons Wadkin has built an enviable reputation for providing first class customer support. Beginning with the sales process, customers can expect detailed discussions and working demonstrations to help define their requirements. Following a pre-delivery site visit, the engineering team puts in place a turnkey installation package to cover delivery, commissioning and operator training to help ensure maximum return for your investment. Ongoing telephone and remote NET support is provided free for the lifetime of the machine with optional planned preventative maintenance contracts also available.

To see how a Salvador crosscut saw can benefit your woodworking business, contact a member of the Daltons Wadkin sales team today on 0115 986 5201, email [email protected] or visit

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