Salvamac celebrate 200th UK machine installation

Salvapush_2000 optimising saw

The recent installation of a new Salvapush_2000 optimising saw at a customer’s Doncaster premises marks Salvamac’s 200th machine installation in the UK.

“We’re pleased to have reached the 200th UK machine installation milestone. More importantly, however, I was very pleased to hear this went smoothly and efficiently, and the customer is thrilled to discover that the Salvamac optimising saw is already surpassing performance targets,” says Christian Salvador, co-owner of Salvamac Group. “A big thank you must go to our UK technicians who’ve successfully installed various upcut and optimising saws, such as the SalvaPush_2000 fitted with SalvaStop_100 device, not to mention many dust extraction systems all over the UK and Ireland.”

Robert Ziemowit Dolkowki, Salvamac’s other co-owner, continues: “Our UK team and UK partners made this 200th machine installation possible. This impressive figure demonstrates our position as a true leader of crosscutting solutions owing to our excellent customer support, expert engineering, and great staff. We strongly believe in human relationships: our customer isn’t just a serial number but an individual with a name and needs. They must be satisfied and happy with our machines in order to smile! The customer must be at the centre of everything we do as a company.”


Salvamac’s Italy-based optimising saw assembly unit

Salvamac’s flagship crosscutting saw with length optimisation – the SalvaPush_2000 – is manufactured in Italy and greatly suited to the cutting of single pieces of wood.It machines boards using a prefixed cutting cycle and is ideal for use in a range of solid wood market segments such as windows and doors; furniture; beams and houses; flooring; sofas; glue panels and lamellar wood; pallets; garden furniture; children’s toys, among many others. 

SalvaPush_2000 can be easily integrated with other machinery and data within a factory setting due to its ability to receive cutting lists directly from the office, and connect to multi-blade machines or moulders via automatic loading and unloading systems. The instant graphics and large touchscreen, complemented by digital communication among all electronic components, allows for fast and easy data entry.

The crosscutting saw is supplied with the latest Salvamac software version, which is designed to be user-friendly, like a Smartphone, with website graphics and the convenience of data setting on a large touchscreen display, with all electronic components connected digitally. Moreover, there are new and exclusive mechanical solutions for both the cutting and pusher systems, which become part of the complete digital management of the machine communication systems, not only within their electronic components, but, above all, towards external IT systems.

The application of SalvaPush_2000 in the construction component and special pallet sectors fully confirms these recent developments, and the new solutions are also present in both the cutting and pushing systems.

A special system, with 55mm-wide toothed belt and 33 strips of hard steel, facilitates high precision and capacity. The large, solid aluminium beam – measuring 135mm high × 120mm wide – is fixed to the steel structure in two parts, allowing for increased solidity and reliability. The beam is covered and protected by a special steel cover, all of which guarantees long machine life with no dust ingress and service issues.


SalvaStop_100 – an electronic stop device for the pushing, stopping and positioning of profiles to be cut

3S philosophy
Compared to older and more traditional cutting systems, the SalvaPush_2000 has become a cost-cutting machine for major producers. Timber yield has increased by around 9% and the number of operators required has been halved. More importantly, operators no longer have to be skilled – instead, cutting can be completed by the machine, entirely safely with statistical data easily generated.

The cutting range is complemented by the ‘Classic’ cutting saw range, characterised by Salvamac’s ‘3S’ philosophy: solid, simple and safe. ‘Solid’ – the machines are designed to work even in difficult conditions, with large section timber. The entire structure is manufactured from hard painted steel, which is very thick and resistant; ‘Safe’ – a two-handed, ergonomically-positioned safety control and blade protection cover ensures the operator works in absolute safety; ‘Simple’ – increased ease of use owing to the SalvaStop_100 device, evolution of the numerical control length positioning and stop system. This represents a real solution in terms of reduced labour costs, productivity downtime, decrease in human error, and finally, forgetting to use a tape measure.

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Salvamac celebrate 200th UK machine installation
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