Salvamac Group at Holz-Handwerk 2022

Ahead of the upcoming Holz-Handwerk 2022 event, which is due to be held in Nuremberg from 12–15 July, Salvamac Group will be in attendance, with substantial new elements on display, including a range of Salvamac solutions and products. In addition, the exhibition will allow the Italian-Polish group to demonstrate and represent the evolution of the network they’ve created in the processing and transformation of solid wood.

“We’ve always had a certainty that the future of the woodworking and furniture industry must pass through partnerships and collaborations between aware and structured companies, which have customer satisfaction as an absolute priority,” comments Christian Salvador, together with partner, Ziemovit Dolkowski of Salvamac Group. “Today, finding new business methods is an imperative that no business can neglect, inventing new solutions and methods that arise from a ‘quality relationship’ between people from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life.”


Occupying a stand space of approximately 100sq.m, Salvamac Group will present an innovative concept, alongside the company’s three now-consolidated divisions – ‘Cross-cutting’, ‘Air&Painting’ and ‘Salvamac Selection’ – in addition to real-life case studies involving equipment installations, including advanced handling and automation systems, technologies for energy recovery and drying, heat treatment and wood vaporisation.

The Salvamac proposal

A main focus at the event will be the newly-redesigned and launched ‘SalvaPush 2000’ optimising saw, aimed at the door and window frame industry, and equipped with devices and aggregates designed for this particular use. Two semi-automatic cross-cutting saws also demonstrated how the installation of the ‘Salvastop’ electronic positioning device can actually allow the user to have real entry-level numerically controlled cutting stations. In fact, the ‘Salvastop’ device has also been completely re-designed, and has made the sharing of data between company software and devices or barcode readers extremely simple and effective, as opposed to using label printers.

Among other equipment, the ‘Voyager’ dust extraction filter with high capacity filter cartridges will also be on display equipped with touch-screen control and energy saving benefits. “Its great to once again be able to meet customers and colleagues in an exhibition setting after the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Holz-Handwerk will allow us to effectively demonstrate what our priorities have been over recent years,” adds Ziemovit.

“The market has rewarded us even in the ‘complex’ years we’ve endured, seeing growth of 50% in both 2020 and 2021 respectively. The situation this year, which the industry as a whole is experiencing, concerns problems relating to the difficulty in sourcing components for machinery, due to shortages, which could create further problems towards the end of the year. So far, however, we’ve been able to manage this thanks to a decision taken almost two years ago to triple our stocks, in a bid to guarantee reasonable delivery times. We’re already looking towards autumn events and the new products we’ll present.”

Competitive edge

Salvamac recognises the important relationship between customers and resellers, and because selling more requires producing more, delivering increased certainties in terms of service is also a priority, as well as the ability to guarantee continuity and quality. In Europe, the company’s growth was made possible due to the acquisition of new market shares, including the consolidation of its UK presence – a market which has delivered important results in recent years, and this year, due to a committed deep-rooted ‘on-site’ presence, Salvamac has been able to develop a particular edge.v


“Our sector is becoming less and less profitable and, in turn, asking for more and more investments and originality, which I feel is sometimes missing with other companies. Everyone is talking about innovation, but originality is a different concept altogether – it requires being different not only in the product offering, but also in developing ideas, and the way in which human aspects are handled and dealt with. Separating the business and seeing it as not just one that produces coated steel with a few electronic circuits and some cables, but also considering the people that make it, and placing them ahead of everything, is something that’s perceived and thought about less and less. In my opinion, going forward, human relationships and ethics will have greater importance than previously,” Christian comments.

Marco Trasente, Head of Salvamac’s Air&Painting division, continues: “We have much more space to increase our production and stock, but we’re also investing in new technologies, such as an upcoming production system, which includes a very powerful laser cutting machine and a folding line with fully automatic loading and unloading. In particular, the most recent projects and products also confirm Salvamac’s success in the field of extraction systems, especially high-tech extractors in the ‘SuperDep’ series. These special filters are designed and manufactured using the best technologies. They’re very versatile filter groups, which take up little space, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are extremely functional in extracting dust and wood chips.”


Looking to the future

Christian continues: “Working in this industry for over 20 years has allowed me to gain significant experience as well as great satisfaction. We strongly believe in human relationships: our customer isn’t only a serial number but a person with a name and needs. They must be satisfied and happy with our machines in order to smile! People must be at the centre of everything we do. Let’s say that, unlike many others, we stand up and take responsibility for our actions. We have to believe in what we do, and have to combine that pinch of emotion with a great deal of calculation and intelligence. Think of yourself as a giant multinational, but one which has the necessary agility to move very quickly, because it’s not always the big fish that eat the small ones; sometimes it’s the fast ones that eat the slow ones! We have some exciting news to deliver in the months ahead, so watch this space!”

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