Salvamac Group report record sales for 2022 & optimistic outlook for year ahead

“A really positive climate” is what Salvamac Group Founder, Christian Salvador, anticipates for 2023. “Looking to the year ahead, we’re certainly feeling calm and positive. We’re prepared for the future and have put in a great deal of hard work and attention, pondering our strategies, and have a good feeling that for us, 2023 will see further UK success and many more orders placed!”

In summing up, Christian is pleased to announce that business is going very well, and especially so in the UK. “At Salvamac, we’re reaping the fruits of our labour following a few difficult years, and have now reached the saturation of our production capacity. Of course, we’ve adopted all measures and tools to increase output and ensure that no opportunity is missed.”


SalvaPush 2000

Further commenting on the outlook for 2023, Christian says that the company has great peace of mind in terms of this year bringing further positive outcomes: “Companies need and want to invest in our range of products, which are necessary to ensure they can reach higher levels of efficiency.”

In 2022, this path was enriched and completed with the presentation of a new and innovative version of the SalvaPush 2000 optimising saw: “Optimising wood cutting for the needs of an individual customer is part of our DNA,” continues Robert Ziemowit Dolkowksi, Salvamac Partner.

“This is just the beginning: we’ve created a very flexible and cutting-edge technical solution for improving single boards with defects and qualities or even packs of boards, using the most advanced technologies at a reasonable price.”


Salvamac’s ‘3S’ philosophy

The cutting range is also complemented by the Classic cutting saws, which are characterised by Salvamac’s ‘3S’ philosophy: Solid, Simple and Safe.

Solid – Because they’re designed and made to work even in difficult conditions and with heavy wood. The structure is completely manufactured from hard painted steel, which is very thick and resistant.

Safe – Thanks to the ergonomically positioned two-handed safety control and blade protection cover, which allows operators to work in absolute safety.

Simple – Due to the increased ease of use made possible by the new and successful Salvastop 100 device – an evolution of the numerical control length positioning and stop system. It’s the ideal solution for saving labour costs, maximising productivity and decreasing human errors, and finally doing away with having to use a tape measure.


UK success

“As for the UK,” continues Christian, “myself and Robert have accumulated a great deal of experience directly on the field, by visiting a large number of our customers’ factories. We know the specific requests that come from markets comprising pallet production, garden furnishing and fencing, window frames, or the entire construction industry, without neglecting the resale of semi-finished wooden products and custom-made solid wood furniture. With over 20 years’ experience, Salvamac aims to be the meeting point between modern technology and even an inexperienced end user.”

Robert Ziemowit Dolkowksi continues: “Our team and partners in the UK are the reason why 300 machines have been installed. This number shows that we’re a true leader of crosscutting solutions with excellent customer support, expert engineering and first and foremost, great people. We strongly believe in human relationships: our customer isn’t just a serial number but a person with a name and needs. They must be satisfied and happy with our machines in order to smile! People must be at the centre of everything.”

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