Salvamac's new 'Legend' range of cross-cutting saws

The Legend_500 features a 500mm blade diameter

According to owners Ziemovit Dolkowski and Christian Salvador, “Salvamac’s evolution and innovations open up new horizons on a daily basis. The company has always prided itself on client relations and building relationships in a general sense, both of which are inherent in creating networks.”

From a foundation of collaborations and partnerships, these core values see industry leaders in the solid wood sector cooperating and working together.

A result of over 25 years’ experience brought by the company’s founders, both explain how they’re busy preparing for the year ahead, which will see further experimentation with innovative business models within the wood technology sector.


The Legend_600 benefits from having a 600mm blade diameter

Delivering a message of vitality and optimism, the primary aim is to express the Italian-Polish company’s growth path throughout 2023. Within the last month, Salvamac finalised the transfer of production to a larger factory in Poznan, Poland, which is set to offer more space for both the construction of machines and a new showroom dedicated to tests and demonstrations.

This growth is also made possible owing to the recruitment of new professionals, employees and technical-commercial staff, all of whom have joined the company and play a crucial role in meeting increasing demand within the many countries Salvamac currently operates as well as those new markets where future expansion is planned.

“LIGNA 2023 provided an opportunity for us to present Salvamac’s most recent achievements,” continues Christian; these included the ‘Legend’ range of crosscutting saws, comprising four models with 400, 500, 550 and 600mm blade diameters, with the tested ‘Salvastop’ electronic positioning device, which transforms Salvamac machines into true numerical-control cutting centres, thus making operations – available data for company software, equipment and printers for labels or barcode readers – extremely fast and simple.

The Legend range of cross-cutting saws boasts unparalleled accuracy and versatility, catering for the evolving needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike. With its advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, these upcut saws are designed to elevate the woodworking and cutting experience to new heights.


Salvamac Legend_500 cross-cutting saw

Key features of the ‘Legend’ range:

Experience flawless cuts with exceptional accuracy, ensuring seamless joints and impeccable workmanship.

The innovative and ergonomic design enhances user comfort and efficiency, thus making every project a joy to work on.

Increased range of accessories – from intricate detailing to heavy-duty tasks, Legend cross-cutting saws adapts to effortlessly meet a diverse range of cutting requirements.

Intuitive and advanced controls with user-friendly interfaces allow users to customise settings and achieve consistent results with the new Salvastop software.

Lean manufacturing redefined: the new machines optimise every step of the production process, thus minimising waste and maximising value.

“As for the UK,” Christian continues, “between us, we’ve accumulated a great deal of experience by working directly on the field, and visiting a large number of customer factories. We know the specific requests and requirements of companies within the pallet production, garden furnishing and fencing and window frame markets – in fact, the entire construction industry – without neglecting the resale of semi-finished wooden products and custom-made solid wood furniture. From this basis, the new Salvamac upcut saw was born.


Legend models are equipped with the tried and tested Salvastop technology

Robert Ziemowit Dolkowki adds: “We have our teamand UK partners to thank for the success achieved in installing over 300 machines. This impressive figure further demonstrates Salvamac’s position as a true leader in the cross-cutting solutions field, with excellent customer support, expert engineering, and most importantly, great people. We strongly believe in building human relationships: our customer isn’t just a serial number, but actually a individual with a name and needs. In order for us to feel this success, it’s pivotal for them to be satisfied and happy with our machines. People are at the centre of everything we do.”

For further information on Salvamac machinery, visit the website:

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