Sprint 1329 multi-edgebander: integrated, highly efficient multi-function milling technology

... The new Sprint 1329 multi-edgebander from Holz-Her

The need for speed requires little explanation in the furniture manufacturing industry. With demanding production cycles, the pursuit of shorter lead times and a growing trend for multiple profile technology, it can be a tricky balancing act for any company – large or small – to meet short production times while maintaining a high level of quality. So, what’s the solution?


The Sprint’s scraper unit has been designed to offer the perfect smoothing of radii and chamfers on plastic edging with two profiles

Holz-Her’s new Sprint 1329 multi-edgebander features a wealth of intelligent technology and play-free mechanical systems that guarantee quick and simple set-up, flexible machining and 100% repetition accuracy. Like its predecessors, the latest addition to the Sprint range has been designed for the medium to large manufacturer demanding high-speed manufacturing, and this range certainly lives up to its name. It offers an infinitely variable feed rate from 10-18m/min and comes equipped with integrated multi-function milling technology including multiple stage tools that allow the Sprint to machine various radii or applications with a 45° bevel at the touch of a button – a feature first designed for Holz-Her’s industrial, double-shift machines. This means there’s no need to stop production and change tools when switching between materials and the result is a significant reduction in the overall set-up time required when working on multiple projects.


Heavy-duty multi-cutter unit

Fast setting technology
fa.s.t (fast setting technology) has also been integrated into the new facelift model to guarantee a continuous workflow. The clever technology allows you to run different machining processes at the same time, making it possible to switch between first pass and corner-rounding processes without the need for the panel to exit the machine first. An automatic locking roller also communicates with the process control to eliminate any risk of mis-feeding the panel and ensures minimal workpiece intervals for high productivity. Angelo Amico, Product Manager and edgebanding specialist at Holz-Her, says: “Manufacturers don’t have time to wait for a panel to exit the machine before they’re able to move to the next programme or operation, and with fa.s.t, you don’t have to wait. You now have the ability to execute a programme while the first panel is in the machine and thanks to process control, the machine won’t move into position until it’s safe to do so. This takes away stopping times, de-skills the operation as the machine controls when it’s safe to move the components into place, and ultimately makes the process more efficient. As there’s no need to re-start the operation, it can increase production speed by 50%. The new Sprint model also includes Intelligent Tool Correction. This technology allows you to make fine adjustments to the profiling in relation to the edging, using the machine’s 18.5in touch-screen. Angelo continues: “It requires a certain level of skill and an eye for detail to make these adjustments manually, not to mention sufficient time to carry out the changes. Now, if the operator wants to make a fine adjustment between 0.1–0.01mm, the relationship of the cutter to the plastic edging on the screen is easy to see. The servos are so accurate that they count 1,000 steps per millimetre.”


Holz-Her’s multi-tool technology

Universal solution
The Sprint’s smart, time-saving features don’t stop there, however. The multi-edgebander also comes equipped with Holz-Her’s intelligent iTronic and Glu Jet system as standard. The fully-automatic functions of iTronic facilitate adaptive cutting, precise pressures to the pressing station and automatic glue quantity control. Teamed with the thin film technology of the Glu Jet system, it provides operators with a guaranteed, repeatable zero glue line on solid wood, melamine, HPL, real wood coil and veneer edging when using PUR. In addition to this, the Sprint can also be built with a full complement of sprayers, the option of a pre- and post-tracing surface scraper, nesting shoes, an air floatation in-feed table, an infra-red edge heater and a motorised infeed fence. It can also be supplied with a barcode scanner to streamline the operation. Angelo adds: “Holz-Her has been manufacturing edgebanders for over 50 years. We understand what our industry needs and we create solutions for the changing market. The Sprint range was first launched in 1999 and it’s a best-seller for us, equating to 30% of our total production. And it’s clear to see why it’s so popular: it’s an intelligent solution that works just as effectively with batch-one manufacturing as it does when integrated into full shift working. Teamed with Holz-Her’s patented Glu-Jet system and iTronic, it’s a highly dynamic machine that meets the demand for material variety. It really is a solution in a box that’s ready to use when you are; a universal solution for those looking for a high performance edgebander.”


The Sprint’s multi-shaping cutting unit with four NC servo-axes

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