A successful 2021 for Salvamac Group & an optimistic outlook for the year ahead

Leader – a heavy-duty hydraulic briquetting press

When asked what’s expected for 2022, founder of Salvamac Group, Christian Salvador, describes a “really positive climate.” He continues: “As we approach 2022, we’re definitely feeling calm and positive. We’ve carefully prepared for the year ahead, pondering our strategies, but let me also add that, in the final weeks of 2021, we have a special feeling and the typical anxiety of the eve has disappeared. Thinking back to how we viewed 2021, there were questions as to whether or not the upcoming year would be a success for us in the UK, and if our products would be appreciated by customers and dealers. Looking ahead to 2022, these questions no longer stand – we already know we’ll have another successful year, with many new orders being taken.”

In summing up, Christian confirms that for Salvamac Group, business is booming, and especially so in the UK. Building on the positive steps taken during the pandemic and the hard work put in, the company has now reached production capacity. In doing so, they’ve adopted all necessary measures and tools in order to optimise processes where possible, as well as ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Great peace of mind “All exaggerations aside,” Christian continues, “we’re approaching 2022 with great peace of mind: it’s going to be a fantastic year, because companies want and need to invest in our range of products, which are necessary in order for them to reach a higher level of efficiency.” With this in mind, Salvamac has thus grown exponentially over the year, which has seen the business being grouped into three separate divisions: the cross-cutting division specialising in the cutting and optimisation of wood; the Air&Painting division, which represents the reference point for air suction and filtration systems as well as wood varnishing; and finally, the brand-new Salvamac Selection – a real innovation, which has naturally and greatly evolved from the ‘Salvamac Project’.


SalvaPush_2000 – an innovative automatic optimising cross-cutting saw

As such, it’s clear to see that Salvamac has significantly enlarged its product range, added new innovations to existing ones, expanded structures and, going against the grain, greatly increased future investments. During 2021, this path was enriched and completed with the introduction of a new version of the SalvaPush_2000 optimising saw, which “optimises wood cutting for the needs of individual customers and is part of our DNA,” as Salvamac partner, Ziemowit Dolkowksi, reports. “And this is only the beginning – we’ve created a very flexible and cutting-edge technical solution for improving single boards with defects and qualities, or even packs of boards, using the most advanced technologies at a reasonable price,” he further adds.

Three divisions
SalvaPush_2000 is supplied with a brand-new software version, which, like a Smartphone, can be easily and completely managed by any user. It features website graphics and a large touchscreen, which facilitates convenient data setting with all electronic components connected in digital communication. Moreover, there are new and exclusive mechanical solutions for both the cutting and pusher systems, which become part of the complete digital management of the machine communication systems, not only within their electronic components, but, above all, within external IT systems.

Therefore, the new Salvamac Group project has led to the birth of a third division – Salvamac Selection – a range of different products with the same culture and philosophy that distinguishes Salvamac itself. Defined by creators Christian and Ziemowit as a revolutionary approach to the market – unlike others, they’ve always believed in the importance of union and aggregation and think that today “there’s an opportunity for a changing development with strong and positive effects, even in the immediate future. Our network and its strength has allowed us to introduce new products focused on the solid wood industry, on a monthly basis.”


Classic_60 – an industrial semi-automatic cross-cutting machine with 600mm blade diameter

A new briquetting press
The new machine unveiled in 2021 was Leader_60 – a new briquetting press. Years of experience allowed the duo to develop the ‘Leader’ range of briquetting presses for the recycling and compression of wood as well as industrial waste. Owing to their design, construction and features, these are now widely regarded for their efficiency and reliability. The Leader_60 has been designed for customers that don’t process a large amount of material but nevertheless demand a high quality solution for either commercial purposes or own personal use.

A wide range of accessories is also available, allowing the machine to be customised to meet the individual needs of each customer. The material to be pressed is loaded into the mini silo, then fed into the press via a cone-shaped auger. This moves the material directly into the mechanical compacting chamber where a piston presses the material through an extruder, which is held tight by the piston clamp. Due to the friction and pressure generated by the piston clamp, the material then undergoes final compression to produce the briquette.

For more information on Salavmac Group and its range of woodworking machinery, see www.salvamac.com.

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