Ureka Global acquires Cascamite brand & associated product lines

Cascamite – a woodworking legacy revived by Uereka Global

Ureka Global Ltd has recently completed its acquisition of the well regarded Cascamite brand; this marks a significant milestone for the company as well as reinforcing its position as leading player in the adhesive industry.

Cascamite, a powdered urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, has a long-standing history that can be traced back to its establishment by Borden Chemicals in the late 1930s. Renowned for its excellence in woodworking and construction applications, Cascamite has garnered a reputation for its consistent performance, exceptional quality and durable bonds, earning the trust and loyalty of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

"We're thrilled to add the Cascamite range to our brand portfolio," said Alex Nunn, Managing Director at Ureka Global. “As a family business started back in the 1970s, it feels ironic to be acquiring a brand that's almost four decades older than Ureka Global. Cascamite's rich heritage and outstanding reputation align perfectly with our commitment to providing quality reliable products."

The acquisition not only encompasses the Cascamite brand, but also integrates the highly acclaimed Cascaphen and Cascarez product lines into its expanded portfolio. Cascaphen – a professional bonding wood adhesive – is specifically designed for waterproof and structural wood bonding applications; whereas Cascarez – a single component, fast curing resin adhesive – is used for bonding in a variety of interior and exterior applications.

As a leader in the adhesive industry, Ureka Global Ltd is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions with a focus on the wood market. With its diverse portfolio and commitment to quality, the company continues to be a trusted choice for adhesives. Cascamite products are now available for purchase from trade shops nationwide, as well as through selected e-commerce platforms. For more information, see www.thenamethatsticks.com.


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