Weinig UK holds third successful in-house event: CNCs For Solid Wood

Mark Smith, Regional Sales Manager for Weinig UK, with the five-axis Pro-Master 7125 CNC

Weinig UK has completed the third instalment of its in-house event series, Connect, with its CNCs For Solid Wood open-house. The three-day event, which took place at the company’s showroom in Abingdon earlier this month, offered visitors an exclusive opportunity to see Weinig’s five-axis Pro-Master 7125 CNC in action and explore the possibilities it had to offer for those in door, window and stair production.

“For many of our visitors, Weinig UK’s Connect series has been the first opportunity they’ve had to see new technology demonstrated to them on a one-to-one basis since the pandemic began,” says Mark Smith, Regional Sales Manager for Weinig UK. With each Connect event focused on a specific manufacturing process, Weinig’s machinery specialists have been able to tailor machinery demonstrations to meet the needs of their visitors and showcase the latest software and processing options available – helping new and existing customers stay connected with market trends and developments.

“This event has been about demystifying the world of CNCs and proving you don’t need to be a CAD technician to use the software effectively,” admits Mark. “Investing in a Pro-Master 7125 is the next step for many traditional machinery users who are looking to deliver efficiencies in their workshop. It’s ultimately a step change in how they’ll manufacture in the future - saving on time, skill and labour – and it’s been fantastic to see visitors embrace this change and the benefits that come with it.”

Mark adds: “As well as running the machines throughout the event, we also demonstrated our software to reassure visitors just show easy the machine is to programme and use. We wanted to highlight the simplicity of a Pro-Master 7125 and break down the costs associated with the purchase into clear, manageable chunks. We believe this approach added real value to our attendees. The Connect series continues to be a great opportunity for our customers – large and small – to explore Weinig’s machinery portfolio and we’re looking forward to welcoming people to our next in-house event, Smart Workshops For The Smaller Manufacturer, which takes place on 1–3 February 2022.”

For more information on Weinig UK and future in-house events, visit www.weinig.co.uk.

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