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SCM stands out as a unique partner for the entire surface treatment process with all-round products and services, plus exclusive, sought-after finishing solutions, which are designed to meet all process and end product type requirements
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The January 2022 edition of the woodworking and furniture production industry's leading magazine is now available, both in print and online
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Leading woodworking machinery manufacturer, Weinig UK has announced a new partnership with BloQs – a not-for-profit organisation based in Enfield, North London. The business model, which centres around a shared workspace that's available for furniture makers, joiners, carpenters and designers to rent, provides small business owners with the machinery, training and business support needed to grow their business

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The dates for Felder Group UK's 2022 annual In-House Exhibition have now been announced. Taking place from 31 March, 1 and 2 April, the event will be held at the company's Milton Keynes headquarters
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EndtoEnd IT Limited is delighted to announce the appointment of Gareth O’Brien as a Director of the company. Gareth has been with EndtoEnd from the start – initially focusing on sales and marketing, and in 2021 he also took on the responsibility of coordinating all support and implementation activities

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After a year of near record imports, the timber industry is likely to find itself entering a period of greater stability in 2022, says the Timber Trade Federation (TTF)

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One of the UK’s leading timber groups has made a high-level appointment to consolidate their position within the industry and drive the business forward to reach ambitious growth targets
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Introducing the Hoffmann CB-M – a resourceful counter-profiling machine for the production of crossbar joints

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For BSW Group, this year has proven to be one of growth and recognition, with member businesses BSW Timber and Tilhill having scooped a grand total of 19 awards in 2021
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The Managing Director of a Northampton-based family-run industry leader in British woodworking has been shortlisted for a prestigious award