Hoffmann CB-M end profiling machine

Introducing the Hoffmann CB-M – a resourceful counter-profiling machine for the production of crossbar joints.

This practical bench-top machine is ideal for the small- and medium-sized manufacturer. Producing precise tear-free counter profiling on the ends of Georgian bars in furniture, windows and door manufacturing, it features two variable speed, counter-rotating router motors – left/right – which accurately create the counter profile on the end of the bar, fitting it without chipping or tearing.


The variable speed motors can be adjusted for the optimum speed, allowing you to produce the best finish possible. Choice of speed is relevant to profile shape and wood species. The Hoffmann CB-M is supplied without tooling, so customers can select this to suit particular individual profiles.

To use the CB-M end profiler effectively, the workpiece is positioned centrally between table fences and butted up to the rear fence stop. Engaging the clamping switch allows the material to then be clamped. The motors cannot be switched on without the clamping switch first being activated, and once it has, the routing units are drawn across the end of the workpiece sequentially, in both left and right directions, to complete the working cycle.

At the end of the cycle, the workpiece is released by engaging the clamping switch. The motors automatically switch off when the workpiece is released. The end result is perfectly fitting, clean profiles. This particular joint is widely used in Georgian window design, as well as doors and furniture. When sealed double-glazed units are used, these profiles can be attached to the surface with a dedicated adhesive tape.


The Hoffmann CB-M end profiler can easily improve the quality of the finished product. Glazing bars can now be cut to suit the required profile of each individual piece, resulting in a much tighter joint that requires less filling prior to finishing.

A classic design, manufactured economically. For more information, call 01524 841 500, email [email protected]

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