Two nature-inspired designs awarded Bespoke Guild Mark

Anna Dugard's 'Nahas' console table was recently awarded Bespoke Guild Mark No.480

Two pieces of exceptional bespoke furniture, both inspired by the shapes and patterns of nature, have been awarded the Bespoke Guild Mark by The Furniture Makers’ Company, the City of London livery company and charity for the furnishing industry.

The 'Nahas' console table (BGM 480) by Anna Dugard and 'Mille-feuille' (BGM 481) by Ian Milnes have both been awarded the Bespoke Guild Mark, which recognises excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for exquisite pieces of furniture made as single items or a limited run of up to 12. Awarded to beautifully crafted pieces of bespoke furniture, since its launch in 1958, the Bespoke Guild Mark has been the apex of distinctions for UK designer-makers.

'Nahas' console table

Inspired by the growth of natural forms, the fluted legs seen on 'Nahas' echo flower stems and the textured trumpets resemble long-necked flowers. The piece has been ingeniously made using 3D printing technology, then coated with a liquid brass finish, which will age over time, thus adding character. It also provides the piece with its name, which means brass in Arabic.

The piece was printed layer by layer in a 0.8mm bead of biodegradable polylactide from a CAD file created in Fusion360. The form was printed in 10 components - two components per leg - with interlocking fittings, allowing easy fabrication and cavities for stainless steel reinforcement rods.


'Mille-feuille' by Ian Milnes was also awarded Bespoke Guild Mark (BGM 481)


Meanwhile, 'Mille-feuille' comprises 16 laminated panels laid to mimic leaves piled on a forest floor. The surface of each leaf is marquetry of European walnut burr, hand-cut in a naturalistic style, with subtle variations in thickness creating relief. These changes in depth combine with a lightly worked surface to create something invitingly tactile. The highly organic aesthetic is held within the traditional rectilinear form of a mille-feuille pastry.

Commenting on being awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark, Anna said: “The 'Nahas' console was ambitious as my first furniture piece, but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Receiving a Bespoke Guild Mark is an honour. The judging process has also provided me with the opportunity to gain invaluable expertise from industry leaders."

On his award, Ian commented: “I never know how to feel about my work when I finish a piece. The acknowledgement from the Bespoke Guild Mark panel brings some welcome relief from that doubt, and for that I’m very grateful.”

Daniel Hopwood, Bespoke Guild Mark chairman, said: “The use of modern technology seen on 'Nahas', such as 3D printing in conjunction with traditional furniture crafts to create a piece of great beauty, is a fine example of where the Bespoke Guild Mark is headed.

“Ian Milne’s fine 'Mille-feuille' piece is a joy to behold and although a complex piece to create, expressing much skill, it looks effortless and natural.”

Items of quality and distinction

Pieces awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark are recognisably items of quality and distinction, and to substantiate and promote this accolade, Bespoke Guild Mark holders receive a certificate of authentication, PR opportunities, permission to use the Bespoke Guild Mark branding in communication materials and automatic consideration for the annual Claxton Stevens Prize – a £1,000 prize awarded to the best Bespoke Guild Mark awarded piece of the year.

In addition to celebrating the creativity, skilled craftsmanship and technical ability of Britain’s established designer-makers recognised by the award, the Bespoke Guild Mark provides invaluable expertise and insight to unsuccessful applicants to further improve their craft for the future.

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