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AAG will be opening the doors of their Telford premises and hosting a two-day event from 21–22 September. All industries using or wanting to find out more about WARDJet waterjets or AXYZ routers are invited to attend live demonstrations, training, and learn about the latest CNC innovations

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Managing Director of JJ Smith & Co. (Woodworking Machinery) Ltd, Martin Smith, recently announced his plan to step down from this role. Also signalling his phased retirement from the company is Sales Director, John Stanley
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Swiss vertical panel saw manufacturer Striebig showcased its very latest vertical panel saw range and software offering at this year’s Holz-Handwerk
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The latest Timber Development UK (TDUK) statistics show record hardwood volumes were imported in May 2022

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Axminster Tools began life 50 years ago in the rural market town of Axminster in East Devon. In an age before computers, when virtually all jobs were done manually, two sons joined their father and together they opened a high street shop

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Leading machinery supplier Daltons Wadkin is holding its annual Wood & Panel Machinery Show in Nottingham from 4–6 October 2022. This year's exhibition will include automatic crosscutting and CNC technology, classical machinery, vertical panel saws, sliding table saws and more from leading European manufacturers including SCM, Altendorf, Kimla, Salvador, Elcon and Stenner

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The launch of SCM's first woodworking machine dates back to 1952. From that point onwards, the company has enjoyed a long history of global successes and acquisitions, beginning in the woodworking sector followed by forays into other materials. From the outset, SCM Group has been led by the Aureli and Gemmani families

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Taking place in Bristol on 14 September 2022, the Build Better with Wood Conference offers the chance for industry to discuss how we can build better, quicker, and higher quality
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Now available both in print and online, if you aren’t already on our mailing list, email [email protected]

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Premier Forest Products, one of the UK’s leading timber groups, has made a key new appointment in Cornwall as it continues to develop its regional presence