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Tool theft is the scourge of the construction industry, often putting tradespeople out of business. ARMD, built to protect the livelihoods of all tradespeople, is now encouraging the trade to protect themselves against thieves

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With the new Document F of the Building Regulations due to come into effect on 15 June 2022, window manufacturers need to consider the design of their windows. The government announced changes to the building regulations to not only help the UK achieve net zero, but to also improve ventilation. These changes affect both windows for new-builds and replacements for existing dwellings
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Following an extraordinary year for the timber industry, Timber Development UK has released a market statement to provide greater clarity on the current supply and demand situation
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From April 2022, woodworking businesses across the UK will be visited by HSE inspectors to ensure duty holders know the risks associated with woodworking and to inspect whether effective controls are in place to protect workers’ respiratory health
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Now available both in print and online, if you aren’t already on our mailing list, email [email protected]

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'Woodworking Transformation', 'Prefab Building Processes' and 'Green Material Processing' are the focus topics of the upcoming LIGNA, which is due to take place from 15-19 May 2023. They address current industry developments and will be presented by exhibiting companies as well as accompanied by additional formats

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The Pallet LOOP is proud to announce that it's signed The Climate Pledge, a global initiative calling on businesses and organisations worldwide to take urgent, collective action to protect our planet for future generations
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Introducing the ARTEA, Holz-Her’s new entry-level edgebander series. Offering an extremely compact footprint, invisible joints and PUR processing as standard, it’s never been easier to create strong, repeatable, high-quality edgebanding in a small- to medium-sized workshop. And now, for a limited time only, the ARTEA 1030 can be yours from only £121 per week* with just a 10% deposit
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ToughBuilt, the US manufacturer of premium quality tools and jobsite products, is staging a UK only promotion offering redeemable free ToughBuilt product with the purchase of selected lines

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In response to ongoing travel restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic, Wood Taiwan, Taiwan’s only trade show dedicated to the woodworking industry, has launched a brand-new online event