Ring in the New Year with 10% off a new AXYZ router

As a leading global manufacturer of CNC router machines and knife systems, AXYZ recognise the need for versatility when it comes to cutting systems. The company's portfolio of routing machines consists of five different models: INNOVATOR, INFINITE, TRIDENT, METALWORKER and PANELBUILDER, all with their own unique options and versatility to cross over a multitude of markets. AXYZ is excited to announce their special offer, which runs until 17th February 2023.

The offer includes a guaranteed trade-in value of 10% from the purchase of any standard AXYZ router – INNOVATOR, INFINITE, TRIDENT, METALWORKER and PANELBUILDER – plus the added peace of mind that comes from:

• No extra charge two-year warranty

• No extra charge two-year pre-paid maintenance – Essential Package

This fantastic offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t delay! For a detailed look at AXYZ machinery range visit the website, or see below for a quick look at each machine.

INNOVATOR: Industrial precision; compact design' full-scale capability

The AXYZ INNOVATOR is optimised for prototype, signs and graphics, woodworking shops and educational institutions. Equipped with powerful integrated servo motors, an optional tool changer and standard helical rack. Choose from two standard sizes, which fit the most common sheets sizes for this market.


INFINITE: The most versatile & customisable CNC router system in the industry

The INFINITE router is a highly configurable CNC machine, which is suitable for one-off, small batch production as well as high volume and high productivity applications, including point of purchase, sign making, Woodworking, plastic fabrication and much more.

TRIDENT: The most versatile router-knife hybrid in its class

Processing a wide range of materials requires more than one cutting head. The TRIDENT combines three different cutting technologies to provide maximum versatility by offering a choice of routing spindle and two knives, which can be either tangential, oscillating or a combination of both. Ideal for foam processing, graphics and print finishing, point of purchase and sign making.

METALWORKER: High performance CNC router

Manufacturers looking to process non-ferrous metals in low to high volume manufacturing environments will benefit from a standard list of features, which make the METALWORKER CNC router among the leading machines in the market specifically engineered for high precision part production in nested-based CNC operations, such as metal fabrication, aluminium and metal composites.

PANELBUILDER: The world's leading panel fabrication system

The PANELBUILDER system is the most sophisticated, all-in-one solution on the market. By combining advanced, easy-to-use software with custom machine design, it processes all types of cladding materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before. With its dedicated CAD/CAM software for automated panel fabrication, AXYZ is confident that it's the world’s leading panel fabrication system.

For more information, call 01952 291 600, email [email protected] or visit www.axyz.com/resolution-event-2023. To see their complete range of equipment, parts and accessories, visit www.CNCShop.com.

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