Take CNC to a new level with Yeti Trend CNC SmartBench

SmartBench – the patented large-format, CNC router from YetiTool and Trend – finally brings affordable, fast, accurate, automated cutting to small businesses and tradespeople.

Fast, accurate interior panelling, cabinetry, decals and diagrams – CNC SmartBench brings speed and accuracy to a huge range of jobs. CNC allows you to create and cut complex shapes with amazing accuracy and without the trial and error often involved, letting the machine bring the skill and a steady hand. Of course, once the design is created, you can repeat the work over and over again, so it’s perfect for reproducing successful designs to be used in subsequent work.

With +/- 0.5mm accuracy, not only can you achieve the perfect fit first time – giving work an aspirational finish – you’ll also be able to minimise wastage by cutting more components from materials.


Simple touch-screen controls

What is The Yeti Trend CNC SmartBench?

SmartBench is the world’s first portable 3-axis true-CNC router, with plotting and cutting capability. Designs are transferred from a Mac – with windows environment – or PC straight to an autonomous routing/cutting machine using USB or WiFi. The machine itself has a simple touch-screen unit for full control during the process.

Quick & simple to set up, learn & use

SmartBench is simple to use, from initial set-up, to creating designs and finally storage. The CNC works from a standard G-Code file and can be supplied with easy-to-learn, highly intuitive software, which doesn’t require specialist skills. Furthermore, Trend’s support team is on hand to give advice.


SmartBench is the world’s first industrial, portable 3D CNC router

Not only is SmartBench straightforward to set up – taking only three minutes from start to finish – but it’s also compact and can be packed away when not in use. Although it can handle a full 8×4 sheet, Smartbench comfortably fits into a van or estate car for transportation.

Design & costs: keep control of your project

SmartBench allows full control of a project as there’s no longer a need to outsource this type of work, which can be costly. Make as many design changes as required, without incurring extra costs or delays and rest assured knowing as you’re in full control of materials usage.


Precision Pro model with variable speed router and feedback

What else can SmartBench do?

SmartBench is also adaptable – the optional Stylus attachment adds a whole new dimension to its capabilities. The stylus will hold a cutting blade or virtually any pen or pencil, which facilitates cutting of vinyl graphics and the creation of large drawings, stencils or even diagrams such as wiring looms.


0.5mm tolerance allows you to achieve great accuracy

Get in touch: find out more

To demonstrate how SmartBench can help your business, Trend offers free, no obligation, live one-to-one consultations either at its Watford offices or online. During the session, you’ll be able to see the process’ simplicity first-hand and also try some specific work examples you need the machine to create, which helps to ensure suitability.

For further information, call Trend on 01923 249 911, email [email protected] or visit www.trend-uk.com/smartbench.

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