SALVAMAC: 'I Feel Wood' at LIGNA 2023

It's no coincidence that the 'motto' chosen by Salvamac for what promises to be a busy season full of commitments and successes is 'I Feel Wood' - a catchy slogan that stands out on a colourful background and recalls a popular song... It's a message filled with vitality and optimism, which aims, first and foremost, to express the Italian-Polish company's growth path as it finalises the transfer of production to a new factory. Located in Poznań, western Poland, along the Berlin Autobahn, the new, larger premises will feature a production and assembly area in addition to a showroom dedicated to tests and demonstrations.

This growth and development has been made possible thanks to the many new employees, professionals and technical-commercial staff that have joined the company, all of whom play a crucial role in meeting increasing demand, not only in the many countries where Salvamac currently operates, but also in new markets where further expansion is planned.

Going back to the new Salvamac slogan, the 'feel' aspect also relates to solid wood as a material and the joy of working with it; something that's fundamental and which underpins Salvamac's mission. With a combined industry knowledge of nearly 30 years, company founders, Christian Salvador and Ziemovit Dolkowski, continue to build on this even further.


Legend_500 crosscutting saw

New 'Legend' range

At the upcoming LIGNA trade fair – in Hall 27, Stand D20 – Salvamac will use this opportunity to present its most recent achievements, starting from the new 'Legend' crosscutting series, which includes four models with 400, 500, 550 and 600mm blade diameters. These are equipped with the tried and tested 'Salvastop' numerically controlled length stop and pushing positioning system, which aims to make all operations, from label printing to barcode reading, extremely fast and simple.

Salvacut_5000 & Ultracut_7000

Salvamac's top of the range machinery line also sees new additions: the 'SalvaCut_5000' – a high speed optimising saw with electronic cutting and handling that allows optimisation of up to 3,500lm/h – will also be joined by the new 'Ultracut 7000', which will be unveiled during an exclusive premiere. Designed and manufactured for heavy-duty jobs – i.e. for sawmills, for cutting harder woods, for packaging and wherever there's a requirement for extreme strength and cutting efficiency. A minimum 700mm blade diameter ensures precise cuts on materials with a cutting section of up to 450 x 120mm.


SalvaCut_5000 high speed optimising saw

At LIGNA, Salvamac will also present what it classes as its 'best buy' – the 'SalvaPush_2000' – which will be equipped with specific aggregates, thus making it suitable for a wide variety of uses.


SalvaPush_2000 automatic optimising saw

Voyager suction filter

Salvamac's Air&Painting division will also present new solutions including 'Voyager' – a suction filter with high capacity filter cartridges, featuring touch-screen control with a specific focus on energy saving, thanks to a careful engineering process, which makes it even more efficient and 'green'.


Salvamac is constantly evolving, innovating and developing, and in the process, cementing further business relationships and networks. The company thrives on creating new collaborations and partnerships within the solid wood processing industry, and working towards shared goals.

During the event, the 'WoodWe' project will be officially launched, which sees Salvamac collaborating with various companies in the solid wood processing industry to mutually promote their areas of expertise: for example, Incoplan – custom wood dryers; Sia – surface treatments and abrasives; Paoletti – solid wood bonding and jointing; Visionmek – metal carpentry; and Awom and VF Group in industry services.

Be sure to stop by the Salvamac stand – D20, in Hall 27 – at the upcoming LIGNA 2023 trade fair, which takes place in Hannover, Germany from 15–19 May. For further information, see

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