Treebuddy – companies & communities join forces for the environment with a new solution

Treebuddy, the new trees-as-a-service platform, is aiming to target 1,000 local communities and 1,000 companies by 2030. Enabling long-term global systematic tree care, Treebuddy's primary aim is to reach the overall planetary target of one trillion trees, which is crucial for boosting carbon sinks and halting global biodiversity loss.

Globally, tree planting is a hot topic and many organisations are focused solely on tree planting. However, this alone is simply not enough as many of these trees die within the first year. Rather, it's the tree care that really counts for the long-term effects of CO2 and biodiversity.

In Treebuddy Earth’s platform, the engagement of local communities plays a key role in tree care while also reaping the long-term economic benefit. In global tree planting and long-term monitoring, verifiability is another common problem. Tree planting projects are often missing precise information about trees, their exact location, and status during the years.


Treebuddy Earth’s platform offers a new solution with its two-way verification. Using a mobile app, tree planters can put every single tree on the map, accompanied by a photo. Everyone can see these trees on the world map transparently, with photos and information displayed. Full verifiability gives trust to tree plantings tree planters create a status update of each tree with a photo after one year, five years, 10 years, 15 years, etc.

The role of business is crucial in environmental problems – at the same time, companies have more obligations that will become mandatory, such as ESG reporting in the EU by 2026, for example. This trees-as-a-service provides opportunities for companies, allowing them to show every single tree in their forest and its growth in real time, online for customers and stakeholders alike.

They can also become leaders by making their employees climate positive – with trees. The service also provides a new method of interaction and learning experience, thanks to regular webinars, where business has a direct interaction with tree planting communities.

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