Felder Group revolutionise PUR edgebanding with ‘GlueBox’

The Felder Group has developed and patented a completely glue pot-free system for PUR edgebanding, which is set to take the market by storm.

Users will no longer have to grapple with the issues of glue pot maintenance and PUR storage as the PUR is provided on a tape, exactly the same as the edging itself. The GlueBox attaches a thin PUR tape between edge and workpiece and fuses the two components together almost invisibly.

The GlueBox system is initially available on the Format 4 Tempora F600 edgebander and offers an impressive specification to suit every customer requirement. Edgeband material from 0.4-3mm can be applied to workpiece heights of 8-40mm with a feed speed of 10m/min.

The PUR tape is initially available in a number of lengths and for various workpiece heights, and used with the Format 4 Tempora F600, is ready to go in 90 seconds. No tools are required and no messy maintenance procedures required. Actual user comparisons show cost savings of up to 70% against systems using PUR cartridge glue jet or conventional glue pot PUR granules.

The Felder Group is currently performing live online demonstrations for customers and these can be booked by contacting Felder Group UK on 01908 635 000.

GlueBox from the Felder Group: no mess, no fuss, and you’ll save money as a result. This really does represent the future of PUR edgebanding. To find out more, see www.felder-group.com.

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