Homag redefines CNC processing with the new Drillteq V-310

Drillteq V-310 vertical CNC processing centre

Homag is setting new standards with the launch of its Drillteq V-310 vertical CNC processing centre. Launched last month, the Drillteq V-310 has a range of technologically advanced features that have never been seen before on this type of vertical CNC machine. The availability options such as a C-axis, aggregates and/or dowel insertion make the Homag V-310 a fully versatile all-rounder.

A unique space-saving vertical CNC processing centre

Resources and space are often limited, especially in the craft woodworking sector. The ability to offer high-quality, individualised CNC processing within a limited area, was the key driver behind Homag’s development of the space saving Drillteq V-310. With a footprint of just 11 m², this vertical CNC processing centre delivers a comprehensive range of routing, drilling and grooving solutions combined with additional features.

Drillteq V-310 – delivering a wealth of technical features & benefits

The unit has up to 45 drilling spindles, two swivelling grooving saws - one for grooving and one for Clamex - a dowel insertion unit and a C-axis with a unit interface. The unit can be easily combined with an 8-position tool changer and adapted to the application situation. Because of this, extensive sawing, routing, and drilling tasks can be performed for panel and timber based materials.

Optimised handling & ergonomic processes

Workpieces on the Drillteq V-310 are optimally held with two pneumatic vacuum-free clamps when they are drawn into the machine during production with no required set-up. The workpieces are ergonomically clamped via an easily accessible foot switch. A large panoramic window offers a clear view of the interior of the machine. The tilting control panel, in combination with the height-adjustable monitor, enables efficient working. This means that changing operators is easy, as adjustments can be made swiftly depending on operator height or preference. Quick access to all functions characterises the Drillteq V-310 and is the basis for an efficiently thought-out production process.

Visual LED support with intelliGuide

A feature that increases efficiency and ensures process reliability is the Drillteq V-310’s tool-changing concept. On the software system side, tools can be transferred from the tool management system ’toolManager‘ to the picker simply with a tap of a finger. The intelliGuide system then indicates where the new tool should be placed in the tool changer.


The intelliGuide system indicates where the new tool should be placed in the tool changer

To further support the machine operator, the loading area of the Drillteq V-310 is also equipped with an LED assistance system. Here, intelliGuide is linked to the control system and shows the workpiece sizes and the correct positioning for loading into the machine by illuminating the LED bars in the X and Y directions. Quick visual checks guide the operator to ensure the loading of the correct sized workpiece. The Drillteq V-310 also performs a plausibility check to measure the length and width of the workpiece. This makes sure that drill positions are accurate even if workpieces are presented slightly over or undersized.

New safety feature with safeScan technology

Homag has developed a new safety system for the machine to protect operators. Known as safeScan, this technology stops the machine if the lasers detect movement or entry into the operating area. The program is not interrupted but merely paused. Safe production is resumed when the person leaves the confines of the operating area. Due to the automatically integrated auto-quit function, no confirmation or restarting of the machine is necessary.

A state-of-the-art space-saving & feature-packed machine

Homag has redefined CNC processing with the Drillteq V-310. Its wealth of technical features, time-saving devices, and resource-saving benefits add up to make it the company’s most efficient vertical CNC processing centre to date. With its small footprint of 11 m² and leading-edge capabilities, the Drillteq V-310 is a unique machine that will deliver multiple benefits to wood processing businesses.

If you’d like a demonstration or more information on Homag’s machinery or software, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856 424 or visit the website: www.homag.com/en.

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