Intorex – CNC woodturning solutions

Intorex, based just outside Barcelona, are recognised throughout the world as the premier manufacturer of both CNC lathes and CNC between centres five-axis machining centres. These machines can be used to produce a wide variety of turned and shaped products for solid wood furniture, stair parts and some special commissions, such as a machine for producing Hurley Sticks. While Intorex manufacture a standard range of CNC machinery, in many cases the final configuration is specifically designed to suit a customer’s individual production requirements.

The CNC lathe range consists of three different models: the entry-level CNB 1500, the midrange CKI 1500/2000, and lastly, the top of the range CKX, which can be supplied with a maximum working length capacity of 600, 1,300 or 1,600mm.


Extremely versatile
All of these machines are quick and simple to set up as no sample or template is needed; instead, profiles to be turned are easily created on the resident IntorEDIT design software, which is supplied as standard across the range. All machines feature two independent CNC controlled gouges – one for roughing and the other for finishing – and thanks to the CNC control, it is possible to achieve excellent quality and definition of the turned parts. On request, the CKI and CKX models can be fitted with an optional fourth CNC controlled axis on which either a router unit, inclinable milling unit or sanding head can be mounted, in addition to the two standard CNC gouges and the hydraulic pre-rounding gouge, making the lathes extremely versatile.

LNX CNC rotary sander
Although the lathes carry the option of the in-built sanding unit, Intorex also supply the LNX CNC rotary sander, which would usually work in conjunction with a CKX lathe. In this case they can be operated as two standalone machines, or on request, a robot arm can be specified to automatically take the turned piece from the lathe and load it into the sander. For the volume production of small turned parts up to 300mm long, such as sofa feet, there is the all-new combined CNC CRM rotary lathe and sander, and for the production of small items, such as knobs and caps, there is the TRD65 model. Intorex also manufacture the HB65 dowel rounding machine.

Last, but certainly not least, there is the range of TMC and TKC five-axis CNC machining centres, which can be used to produce both standard turned parts and more complex shaped parts. These machines are equipped with automatic loading, shaping head, sanding head and sawblade and/or gouge for turning. There is also an overhead router head fitted with a 10-position rotary tool changer, which features a working length of either 1,500 or 3,000mm.

There have already been many successful Intorex CNC installations throughout the UK, with a number of customers having two, three or more machines.

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